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WEBORAMA, The Data Intelligence Platform Focused on data management and valorization, Weborama has developed and connected a set of technologies (in the fields of AI, semantic and behavioral artificial intelligence, data lake, data clean room, data science, insights...) that enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to acquire, retain and monetize their audiences and activate targeted, consistent and relevant advertising in the new cookieless, IDless and multi-device world. Weborama operates in Europe and the United States. OFFERS / SOLUTIONS - DMP - CDP - Data Clean Room - Media & Programmatic Activation - Behavioral and Contextual Data (cookieless, IDless et consentless) - SaaS Ad Formats Studio for innovative and interactive formats, such as InVideo, property of Weborama - AdServer NEWS 03/30/23: Crédit Agricole d'Île-de-France relies on Weborama's Data Clean Room to accelerate its Data Collaboration strategy 03/23/23: Weborama consolidates its strategy for secure advertising with the Snowflake Data Cloud 01/26/23: Weborama and Implcit create the most powerful third-party cookie-free targeting offering on the market 10/03/22: Semantic Targeting: Media Square adopts Weborama's contextual platform KEY FIGURES Founded in 1998 - 201-500 employees CONTACT Mathilde DUQUESNE, Directrice communication - mduquesne@weborama.com 06 82 72 16 48

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