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POSITIONING Weborama, an AdTech pioneer in semantic artificial intelligence in France and Europe, helps publishers expand their audiences and boost their advertising revenues. Its contextual targeting tools, developed over the past ten years, provide a level of granularity in the observation of consumer behavior and expectations that no other technology can provide in a cookie-free world. Motivated by the Tech - Data - Innovation prism, Weborama's complementary solutions respond to the new technological challenges facing market players and guarantee a respectful and effective relationship with Internet users. OFFERS / SOLUTIONS - Technologies: the Marketing Platform (DMP/CDP Hybrid) to collect and organize data by making full use of all the cookieless and interconnection functionalities to increasingly complex ecosystems. This new generation Marketing Platform allows you to increase the potential of your 1st party data and to improve the performance of your digital advertising campaigns in a sustainable way. - Data & Insights: Weborama's Data Scientists and Strategists use semantic artificial intelligence to create value thanks to a precise knowledge of its audience. Weborama identifies emerging market trends, detects the signals that trigger consumer decisions, and defines activatable insights to increase the volume and engagement of its audience and conquer new market shares. - Media Activation: Weborama's Activation Experts create semantic, personalized and activatable contextual segments thanks to a precise analysis of the context of the web pages read by Internet users, and thus put in place 100% data-driven targeting strategies with high added value in order to maximize the results of programmatic campaigns (branding, traffic, visibility and performance). Through the acquisition of Adways, Weborama is expanding its contextual activation solutions to include InVideo. NEWS 11/02/22 : Weborama wins leboncoin's DMP tender 01/02/22 : Weborama acquires Adways and opens new growth territories for its contextual AI 04/01/21: GoldenFish, Weborama's answer to the world without cookies KEY FIGURES Founded in 1998 - 201-500 employees CONTACT Mathilde DUQUESNE, Directrice communication - mduquesne@weborama.com 06 82 72 16 48

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