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POSITIONING Channel Factory is a global technology provider that enables brands to connect with their desired audience in the right digital environment across YouTube, TikTok, Meta, CTV and more. We deconstruct the digital ecosystem, enabling brands to run across the right inventory for their brand. We are experts in: • Safety & suitability • Contextual alignment • Performance & efficiency • Conscious advertising practices OFFERS / SOLUTIONS Running ads on digital platforms against the wrong content is a waste of ad spend and can be damaging to the brand. That is why Channel Factory was created, to help build a better digital ecosystem for both consumers and advertisers. The core pillars for our solutions include: Brand Safety & Suitability 54% of consumers would have a negative opinion of brands running their ads on content made by creators whose values they disagreed with. We use our unique data advantage including metadata, keywords, audio and video transcriptions, text, sentiment and more to ensure advertisers are reaching the right audience against the most relevant, brand safe topics and content. Contextual Alignment 73% of consumers would be more likely to buy from brands whose ads are relevant to the content they’re consuming on YouTube. In head-to-head tests we’ve run, ad campaigns without brand suitability controls have been shown to waste up to 28% of ad impressions on content that did not promote the brand message. We help individual brands run on what is contextually aligned content for them. Conscious Advertising We recognise that the world is moving into an era of inclusivity and that it is important to help fix inherent biases within the advertising industry to drive change. We’re enabling advertisers to thoughtfully invest their media dollars in line with their brand values, which will help build a more inclusive and conscious world. NEWS Research: The Art of Alignment: The relationship between brand personality and content appropriateness News: Digital Advertising in 2023: The need for a reflection on its ethics, responsibility, and impacts News: “A much more competitive ads landscape”: 23 performance marketing predictions for 2023 Research: 2022 Holiday Season: What should French & global advertisers expect? KEY FIGURES • Founded in 2010, we now have 240+ employees in 31 countries servicing over 49 languages globally • Channel Factory works with some of the largest brands in the world across all industries CONTACT Company address : C/O HQ Blanche 29 rue Blanche 75 009 Paris France Phone + Fax: NA Website : www.channelfactory.com Contact : Fiona Alenda, Managing Director, France email : fiona.alenda@channelfactory.com

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