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Ratecard Stars The nominees

On November 18th, the first R-Stars will be awarded, these prestigious passports that will allow 14 privileged people selected in 14 different categories to represent the French team at the next AdTech / MarTech World Cup (place and date to be defined).

The first lists of potential stars (the pre-selected), have been defined. These first names, 10 per category, have passed through the forks of our totally biased committee. They are indeed present because they have marked and are marking the history of digital marketing in general but also that of Ratecard in particular. All of them have in common to have been part of or marked our community one day or another.

So, without further ado, discover the pre-selected candidates in each category and place your bets to determine the final selection, the winners who will receive the prizes in each category at the Pavillons des Etangs on November 18th, in front of the participants of the 10th Ratecard Meeting. Your responsibility is therefore great! So see you on Wednesday, October 20th for the opening of the votes!

The 14 categories :
- R star Advisory Board - Women
- R star Advisory Board - Men
- R star Entrepreneurs Duo
- R Star Rising company Duo
- R Star Growth
- R Star Marketing
- R Star Video formats & connected TV
- R Star Data
- R Star Mobile & Drive to Store
- R Star Retail Media
- R Star Programmatic
- R Star Sell Side
- R Star Buy Side
- R Star Storyteller