Ratecard Agora

Login and access

What are the recommended browsers to access the platform? 
For optimal browsing, we recommend using a computer, and the Chrome browser. Some browsers may take longer to display content.

I don't remember my password? 
There is a procedure for forgotten passwords. A secret code will be sent to the email address you used for your registration, and it will allow you to reset your account.

I forgot my password 5 times. 
For security reasons, your account will be inaccessible for 5 minutes. At the end of these 5 minutes, it is advised to carry out a forgotten password procedure.

Camera and sound issues

I can't activate my video or sound on my online meeting.

- Check that you have authorized your browser to use your camera and/or microphone. You can do this by clicking on the padlock on the left of the website url. 

- Clear the cached data on your browser (Ctrl+H --> Clear Browser Data --> Cached Images and Files), then refresh the website page. 

- If the problem persists, disable your company VPN.