Ratecard Agora

Live Session
Ratecard Days #4


10:00 – 11:00 | RATECARD FOCUS (interviews)

- 10:00 : Mediasmart, Jonathan HAGEGE, Commercial Director
- 10:10 : Human, Marion HABIBY ALAOUI, Data Operations & Vincent MEYSONNET, Senior Solution Architect
- 10:20 : Emoteev, Clément SAINT-JOANIS, Head of Business Development
- 10h30 : Smile Wanted, Souleïmen BELAYACHI, Head of Sales

11:00 – 12:00 | TOPIC OF THE MONTH DOOH (table ronde)

- Adsquare, Kevan ABDOLI, General Manager France & Benelux
- Displayce, Laure MALERGUE, Founder & CEO
- Hawk, Mehdi AROUSSI, Director, Publisher & Customer Success
- JC Decaux, Clément LION, DOOH & Programmatic Sales Director

Have you ever been impressed as a child by the billposters, their dexterity, their technique and their ability to tame entire rolls, to align them precisely to the millimeter while juggling these huge pots of super thick glue?
The panels came to life to finally reveal a new dream destination or the latest fashionable phone. And now this know-how, this artist's craft, is being sacrificed on the altar of digital. Billboards are going digital and the medium of billboarding will soon be called DOOH for Digital out of Home.
Of course, we will miss the billposters, but in the same way as when the automatic cash registers appeared in the supermarket, it would be vain to fight against this revolution, so be it!

DOOH is becoming an essential component of modern digital marketing. Outdoor advertising campaigns are multiplying, it is possible to change a design instantly, several advertisers can share panels, etc. From design to distribution, the value chain is undergoing a real digital transformation.
But what is the real weight of digital? How are the traditional players in this historic market adapting? What are the tools used? Who are the new players in this booming sector? Are they really able to activate RTB (real time bidding) campaigns on DOOH inventories?
How much personalization is possible? Here is a sample of the topics we will discuss during our roundtable dedicated to DOOH.