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POSITIONING Recycled prints and eco-responsible campaigns OFFERS / SOLUTIONS Adtech technology that combats advertising waste and reduces the carbon footprint of advertising campaigns. Publishers: Real-time detection and recycling of inventories lost for technical reasons (communication interruptions between the links in the advertising chain, errors linked to the web page, errors on the terminal or user connection, etc.). Advertisers: Distribution of their eco-responsible campaigns on high-performance recycled inventory Significant reduction of their carbon footprint. NEWS Aldi is the first advertiser to use the technology of the French adtech company Bcovery. Aldi has signed up for various communication campaigns around the Christmas season. For the end of the year and 2023, many publisher networks in France and abroad will recycle their inventories thanks to Bcovery KEY FIGURES 400+ media publishers in France and abroad in our network. An average of 20% of advertising impressions reconditioned and made available to publishers. Aldi campaign: 60 million impressions that will be distributed until the end of 2022 thanks to Bcovery.

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