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POSITIONING Flashtalking is an ad management and analytics platform. We are the only independent platform with global scale (18 offices on 4 continents), tailored for omnichannel campaign execution. On the Flashtalking platform, advertisers connect and automate workflows with the technology partners of their choice, accurately identify consumers and deliver personalized, privacy-friendly ads with measurement, optimization and verification, independently and concisely, on any screen. We don't buy the media. Advertisers and their media partners do, and rely on the Flashtalking platform. We do not create consumer profiles or sell audience data. Our advertising partners own and control their data. Our analytics solutions, and in particular cookieless, compliant with current legislation and the protection of end-user privacy in all digital environments, will play an important role in the changing world of "identity", with the disappearance of the third-party cookie. OFFERS/ SOLUTIONS We offer various technologies: - a primary ad serving solution, - a latest generation DCO solution, - an identity management solution, via a cookieless tracking tool, to better understand the conversions linked to digital marketing actions, in a post-cookie world, - A multi-touch attribution brick, to understand, analyze and score the best contributions in the customer journey, via the 3 levers that are publishers, formats and crea content. Flashtalking is designed to enable brands to take full advantage of their digital communication and data, in complete independence and sovereignty, without having to be locked into restrictive configurations and technological choices. NEWS Over the past two years, Flashtalking has opened strategic offices in Europe (Spain, France and Italy) and Asia (Tokyo). Early 2021, Flashtalking announced the acquisition of Protected Media, a specialist in advertising fraud detection. This transaction enables Flashtalking to offer fraud detection and verification services globally across desktop, mobile web, in-app and CTV/OTT environments. The company can leverage MRC accreditation on all of these platforms. In July 2021, Mediaocean acquired Flashtalking. MediaOcean offers several tools from media planning, media buying and tracking management, as well as billing tools for a streamlined channel. Flashtalking, already a partner of some of the tools in the MediaOcean suite, will integrate it for independent ad serving and DCO with cookieless tracking features. Mediaocean also offers Scope, a media activation solution for social networks, with 3 components: creation, audience building and media buying, via a single interface to operate on all closed ecosystems (Snap, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Amazon and soon TikTok + CTV depending on the market). Scope allows for significant optimization gains in permformance media compared to the "media managers" of each of these networks. KEY FIGURES Founded in 2001, Flashtalking is an international player, specifically dedicated to each of our markets. 345 employees, 23 languages spoken, 8 specialized teams, 80 account and campaign management team members, Working for 230 countries and territories. Our client portfolio covers all sectors of activity, thanks to the variety and consistency of our solutions.

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