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POSITIONING Aiming to reconcile online advertising with publishers, advertisers and users, seedtag was born in Madrid in 2014 from the idea of two ex-Google. Image is the cornerstone of this new visual intelligence platform with native solutions that are both visible and user-friendly. A proprietary technology is developed to associate the advertiser brand with the best content in real time. seedtag's technology combines the detection of thousands of elements in text and images with the power of Machine Learning to achieve near-human understanding of content and deliver the highest level of brand safety in the industry and unparalleled cookie-free targeting capabilities. Seedtag's success and expertise is attracting investors to open offices in Paris, Milan, Mexico City, London and NYC in 2020. In France, seedtag has a reach of 42 million UVs and aims to democratise In-Image & In Video advertising for French brands and publishers. OFFERS/SOLUTIONS The Seedtag solution allows advertisers to integrate themselves into the visuals of the articles in the Universes they choose thanks to a proprietary CCA content analysis technology. Seedtag puts the power of images at the service of brands. NEWS Seedtag launches its In-Video offering, allowing advertisers to integrate natively into publishers' videos. Opening of an office in NYC in Q2 2022 KEY FIGURES 220 people in 2021 Present in 9 countries (FR/DE/UK/ES/IT/BR/MEX/CO/NL)

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