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POSITIONING Implcit offers the first solution of contextual advertising targeting based on representative panels. Implcit provides an immediately operational solution to the disappearance of third-party cookies and the decrease in consent. OFFERS / SOLUTIONS Implcit enriches and leverages the detailed data of the Internet panels of Médiamétrie / NetRatings (Nielsen). These panels are the reference of audience measurement in France. They count 25 000 volunteer individuals, and they are representative of the French population. These panelists install a software on their desktops, tablets and mobiles. This meter records all their digital activity (all the visited URLs, all the applications used). Our clients can create themselves an infinity of targets, by combining various types of criteria : - Socio-demographics: gender, age, studies, size of households, income, presence of children… - Behavioral: categories of visited sites, sites visited, applications used (no silos, the panel is cross-device) - Centers of Interests: themes of all the visited pages. Some targets that are infeasible with data can easily be activated with Implcit: users of banking applications, visitors of the sites of the advertiser’s competitors… The statistical analysis made by Implcit in real time on each target allows to find the contexts where the target is the most over-represented. In other words, Implcit selects the URLs where the performances of targeting are improved by a factor 2, 3 5 or more! These tailored contexts are shared programmatically with contextual segments or deal ids. They can be deployed in all the DSPs of the market to create campaigns that are both efficient and respectful of privacy.

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