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POSITIONING Impactify is an AdTech specialized in premium Video formats of the newest generation, enabling both innovation and user experience at the same time. We are the creators of the sticky video format placed within the notification area. Impactify has now developed and patented the exclusive mobile format “Impact Screen“. The format takes the full width of the bottom of the screen in order to meet all the requirements and needs of UX as well as engage the indisputable viewability of advertisers. OFFERS/SOLUTIONS As specialists in the creation of high standard formats, we are using our expertise for publishers and advertisers to increase and enhance their performances. Impactify does so by implementing video formats of the new generation, answering to the challenging requirements of our fast moving market: - For publishers: A high level of revenue generated by exclusive video formats - For advertisers: Unrivaled KPIs combined with a premium network Being used by Media Groups and various premium publishers, our exclusive formats are especially responding to branding purposes. Hence Impactify has been attracting many well known brands using our solutions to create outstanding user experiences on mobile.

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